LogoMATIK  GREEN LINE has been studied for small production and it is entirely manual.
This type of line is ideal for costumers who want to look out to the world of photovoltaics investing a little amount of money.
The line is as follows:







Production Capacity


1 shift

2 shifts

3 shifts

Hours per day




Production capacity

Modules per hour     n°3

Production MW with panels 60 cells 240W


1.5 MW

3 MW

4.5 MW

Operators per shift   n°7

List Machines


  • TCS100 is a welding station that allows the manual creation of strings;
  • LMT100 laminator with a panel of productivity per cycle;
  • TCM100 table for connections and visual inspection of the panel;
  • SL100 solar simulator for testing module;
  • FRM100 semi-automatic frame machine;
  • TFC100 table for cutting eva and tedlar;
  • TRC100 machine for manual cutting of the ribbon;
  • TT-90M table for trimming of the panel.
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