Use the sun, a clean and an inexhaustible energy source, to feed the multiple needs upon which human life survive today, it means to advance to a new phase in the relationship between the rational and the artificial.

 Our company LogoMatik manufactures machinery for the production of photovoltaic panels.Our years of experience enables us to provide a variety of services from the construction of the machines for the production of standard and flexible modules,Poly, mono and stainless steel cells (CIGS), to set-up, installation and services including post-sales support to ensure professional assitance in a timely manner. 




We aim to offer our customers full support services, so the package offered

by LogoMatik includes a turnkey service and future assistance for all needs

          and services in order to work closely with our customer.


We are always available to address the problems encountered by the customer in order to establish a clear and useful relatinship on both sides.

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